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Notary Public service for Greenwich, Connecticut

Do you need a document notarized?

If you are in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien or New Canaan, the most convenient notary to you may be:

Malcolm Dickinson
Notary Public, State of Connecticut
69 Auldwood Road, Stamford
tel 203-989-0556

Located in the Shippan neighborhood, 1 mile south of I-95 exit 8.

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The notary is available most evenings, and weekends, and some weekdays.
The notary is available by appointment only. 
Call 203-989-0556 to make an appointment.
To prevent a wasted trip, do not just drop by. Please call first!

House calls

If you are located in Greenwich and are house bound, in a nursing home, recently gave birth, etc., 
I may be able to travel to your home to notarize your document.
There is a nominal extra charge for this service. Call 203-989-0556 for more information.

Mobile Loan Signings

Mortgage Companies often hire me to do mobile loan signings in Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Westport, and Wilton.

Signing Agent - Malcolm Malcolm Dickinson
is Certified by
as a Loan Signer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of notary services?
The fee is $5 for each "notarial act" (each time the notary uses his stamp). This fee is set by the State of Connecticut. 
It would be illegal for a notary to charge more than $5 per notarial act.
Can I pay by check or credit card?
Please pay in cash. I do not accept personal checks.
I now have a credit/debit card reader, so you can use a card for payment - but I must collect a 5% surcharge (an extra 25 cents on a typical document) to make up for the processing fee.
What identification do I need to bring with me?
In order to have your signature notarized, you must provide two forms of identification, both of which must contain your signature. 
One form must be government-issued ID with a photograph (driver license, passport, or state-issued ID card).
A credit card or work ID may serve as your second form of ID, but only if it contains your signature.
A social security card may not be used for ID.
Click here for more information about what forms of ID are acceptable.
I need a "certified copy" of a document (passport, school transcript, etc.)
Please click here for detailed instructions about "certified copies"
I need an apostille. Can you help with that?
Please click here for detailed information about apostilles
Where else can I get documents notarized?
If you have an account with a local bank, you can take your documents to any bank branch. In general, any time a branch is open, there is a notary there who will notarize your documents at no charge. Note: most banks refuse to notarize wills. 
If I can get my documents notarized at my bank for free, why would I bring them to you?
Good question! Your bank is a better value, so I encourage you to go there if possible.
Come to me if need something notarized on an evening or weekend.
Come to me if you need fingerprinting as well.
Come to me if you don't have an account with a local bank.
Come to me if you need to notarize your will. Most banks refuse to notarize wills.
What services can a notary perform?
Acknowledgements, Affirmations, Affidavits, Oaths, Signature by mark, and Depositions. I also attend loan signings as a "mobile signing agent" on behalf of lenders and title companies.
How does one become a Notary Public?
It is not difficult. See how to become a notary public and also
I have a question not answered here.
Most other questions about notarization or Notary Publics are answered here.

Malcolm Dickinson: notary  {at}  greenwichnotary  .com

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